Upcoming Events

Up Coming Events
All up coming events are now posted on the calendar tab. To view the specifics about any event go to the Calendar Tab on the web site. Click on the tab then click the link that says calendar. Once the calendar opens up go to the month or date you are seeking. Once on the date click on the event name under the date . The event should be under scored- lined. Click there and a pop up box will open in your left hand screen with the details for this event from location, time, registration fees, if any, and where we will meet.  If you are signing up as a member or guest to join us for that event please email the contact person so your name is added to the sign up list. Also it is important that if the event is at a resturant you sign up as well so our seating numbers will be correct . On road trips please bring your walkie talkies. Due to FCC rules we must use Channel 8.  If you have further questions contact  Richard Thomas at  rnicemanalways@aol.com