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               Carolina Classic Corvettes

       Information sheet and /or  Membership Application               

Date: _______________________                Dues single person 36.00 Family 48.00

Name: _________________________________________

 Spouse’s Name (if applies and joining):__________________________________

 Address: _______________________________________________________

 City/State/Zip: __________________________________________________

 Email: _________________________________________________________

 Phone: _________________________________________________________

 Alternate phone or Email: _________________________________________

Are you on the Corvette Forum – yes/no Screename_________________

Information about your corvette(s)

1.Generation Corvette:  C1, C2, C3 C4 : _______   Convertible? Yes/No ____________

Year Model/Color Corvette: ______________________________________

2.Generation Corvette:  C1, C2, C3 C4: _______   Convertible? Yes/No ____________

Year Model/Color Corvette: ______________________________________

 Member of any other Vette Clubs?

___________________________________________________ (List clubs name)

 Information about you or your Corvette you wish to share:




 Mail application and dues to the following:

 Carolina Classic Corvettes Club ~ 1514 Shannonhouse Drive,

Charlotte NC 28215

Make checks payable to Carolina Classic Corvettes Club

Questions email Richard Thomas President of CCCC at

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