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Carolina Classic Corvettes


                                Established May 2012- Charlotte Metro Area


  1. The name of the club shall be called, Carolina Classic Corvettes
  2. The club shall be managed and operated by the officers based on responsibilities in their respective roles. Officers will be elected in at the beginning of the calendar year which will be at our Christmas dinner in Dec.  The calendar year will begin on Jan 1st and end on Dec 31st. Club officers already appointed in forming the club would be an exception to this requirement but only for the first year of club operation – 2012.
  3. In order to qualify as an officer, the officer must attend at least 6 club events a years, be elected in by a majority vote of the active members and already attain membership status.
  4. Club member qualifications will require the following:
    1. Be at least 19 years of age
    2. Posses a valid driver’s license
    3. Be the registered owner of a classic corvette between the years of 1953 – 1996. Vehicle can be road worthy, trailer queen, retro mod, work-in–progress (repair or restoration), daily driver, or NCRS certified.
    4. Be accepted by the membership (members will be surveyed regarding prospective members by various means and the President will notify the membership of the final recommendation). Note:  Once qualifications requirements are satisfied, paid dues for the current year will be required to initiate and maintain membership
  5. Basic guideline for members:
    1. All members are encouraged to follow and abide by all State and local driving laws at club events and functions.
    2. There shall be no reckless driving, burnouts or operating a vehicle in an unsafe way that could harm a person(s), pet(s) or property. Violation of this can result in termination of club status.
    3. If alcohol is consumed and you must drive, membership should consider the current laws and possible consequences so we can always assure a safe club event.
    4. Since members are the key to the club’s success and sustainability, we would encourage members to participate in at least 2 events during the calendar year.
  6. Membership Probation/Termination

Even though this would be very unlikely, conditions could occur where membership probation or termination would be considered.   However,  the final decision would required an unanimous agreement by the officers and concurrence from a majority of the membership.

Dues will be $36.00 and $12.00 per year for spouse, family, or significant other to be paid annually.

7.   Dues will be prorated based on the month the new member meets the qualification requirements as outlined in item 5.  Dues will be collected for the applicable year from Jan 1st thru Feb 14th.

8.   Club communication will be primarily through e-mails and at meetings/gatherings prior to an event or function, such as: Cars-n-Coffee, Tilted Kilt Cruise-Ins, etc.  Regular meetings will not be scheduled.  Information will also be posted on the club web site and Corvette Forum in the Southeast Regional section and C1, C2, C3  C4, general discussion sections.  Special Meetings can be called for and scheduled when needed or if requested by a member through any officers of the club.

9.   The club will be active in local charities and fund raising activities. Examples would include an annual car wash for donation to organizations such as the Wounded Warriors, Make A Wish Foundation and various Cancer Groups.

10.   Surveys will be sent out annually (as a minimum) to assess satisfaction of the membership with the management, operation and club activities.  The membership is encouraged to participate in this activity and bring ideas and suggestions for the club throughout the year. This could relate to planning an event for the club, participating in non-club events or recommending a charity of choice.

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